Delight the new normal of customers who put a premium on personalized relationships. Deliver convenience through automated digital lending journeys that empower customers with the right card to shop.

Get omnichannel customer acquisition and automated straight through processing capability. Seamlessly integrate with your core and back office system. Automate eligibility decisioning through powerful drag and drop business rule engine with change ready journeys created through intelligent visual designers.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Forex Cards

Smarter Acquisition with High Quality Leads


Capture leads across multiple channels

Start, pause, complete journeys on website, branch, SMS, campaigns, self service portals, referrals etc. Capture prospect details faster with smart OCR capabilities on document collection & updation through E-KYC. Enable quick data entry with dedupe checks. Seamlessly integrate with credit rating bodies for FATCA, E-KYC compliance and instantly check eligibility, pre-approve offers and submit applications.

Employ drilled down segmentation with powerful AI

Take advantage of predictive data scoring for employing granular segmentation. Add new data components like expanded credit attributes, short term balance change attributes, estimated debt to income (DTI) ratio etc.

robotic underwriting customer 360

Simplify and sell faster

Robotic underwriting and decisioning through insightful data, on boarding customers through visual journeys contribute to a speedier fulfillment. Factors that bring you a consistent and profitable account growth.

Offer wide range of personalized credit cards

Delight customers with choice through custom offer engines. Match the relevant customer shopping needs with guided journeys. Manage and edit applications in real time.

Faster Turnaround times

Bring together marketing and fulfillment on a unified platform

Close the gap between campaign, on boarding and operations with a customized end to end digital lending journey for card processing platform. Take advantage of deeper data assessment for capturing highest credit quality customers and develop strategies for profitable acquisitions.

Automate documentation with E-KYC

Convert manual documentation to smart digital information with digital. Auto populate fields through OCR capabilities and make the whole process faster.

Intelligent deviation management

Smart automation minimizes manual deviation management and credit approvals. Analyze shopping behaviors and flag unusual activities. Conduct tele-verifications and record details. Be notified of any deviations through smart deviation management. Reduce risks through intelligent decisions. Keep track of outstanding debt with real time updates.

Enable smooth and quick customer onboarding through E-KYC

Keep engagement consistent with templatized communication for welcome and onboarding. Convert routine manual processes with robotic underwriting through visual designers. Minimize data entry through integrations with multiple internal and third party systems that enable auto- population. Make processes faster through automated risk modelling system.