Credit Assessment Management by ORIGINATIONNEXT empowers you with a robust and scalable corporate lending solution through intelligent credit risk rating platform. It helps your lending business to make the right decisions with customizable, integrated and agile technology that imbibes enterprise level credit risk framework.Evaluate complex factors with an intelligent and easy to configure framework to automate credit decision-making.

Streamline credit assessment processes with faster turnaround times and increase processing volumes,while improving the accuracy of credit decisions by implementing digital LOS. Significantly enhance the quality of your corporate lending portfolio.

Empower teams with intelligent and comprehensive preparatory solution

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Get AI enabled borrower intelligence

Initiate borrower digital lending journeys that capture a 360-degree view for both new and existing customers and generate credit approval memo. Seamlessly integrate with external systems and get actionable insights for smarter credit assessment and approvals.

Analyze financial spreads

Capture, spread and analyze financial statements like P&L, BS etc. and compare between companies and peer groups. Conduct objective and subjective credit assessment of the borrower with different financial ratios like RAROC, Risk Return Ratios, RWA etc.

Integrate with multiple credit bureaus

Seamlessly integrate with multiple external credit data providers. Use in built connectors to major credit bureaus. Automate routine monitoring of credit bureaus and transactions.


Automate decisioning through robotic underwriting

Create processes through visual designers like Autoflow DesignerTM and Screenflow DesignerTM to integrate with multiple data sources for automating workflow processing and decisioning on credit assessment applications. Get flexibility while configuring credit policies by implementing robotic underwriting processes.

Real-time end-to-end digital lending journey visibility

Track new product cases and finalize, reject, edit and reassign applications in real time with update and notification. Note rationale behind credit extensions and forecast earnings from the relationships established. Create a detailed activity trail for regulatory and audit compliance.

robotic underwriting digital lending journeys visual designers regulatory compliance

Automated and intelligent insights with timely regulatory and business reporting

credit assessment real time reporting risk rating platform risk modelling system

Monitor financial covenants

Keep track of waivers during renewals. Create customizable financial covenants in credit agreements. Catch signs of default beforehand through active tracking of borrower financial and business activities. Get real time alerts on ‘technical defaults’ and accelerate loan collections.

Generate actionable reports

Create in-depth standard and customizable reports. Collate and auto-populate data to analyze credit risk at a minute level through risk rating platform .

Conduct stress tests and impact analysis

Create multiple scenarios and simulate stress tests against historical data sets. At the same time, analyze the impact of a stress scenario at the smallest detail eg. transition matrix at credit portfolio level.

The configurability and flexibility of ORIGINATIONNEXT for credit assessment management decreases the time of implementing changes or new products to the minimum. Its testing functions allow implementing correct and verified processes. Thus, all functions that are necessary to sell banking products for retail lending or corporate lending are now available on a single platform.

ORIGINATIONNEXT robotic underwriting, designing and implementing optimal strategies for credit assessment of loan applications and risk related to a credit decision.