Traditionally, risk assessment involves complicated digital lending journeys of creating complex predictor and indicator models through multiple archaic and fragmented platforms. Siloed data across systems and spreadsheets delay risk reporting, updates to existing risk modelling system, increases costs and decreases operational efficiency.

This makes it difficult to keep pace with dynamic models, regulatory changes and emerging best practices. ORIGINATIONNEXT RAM represents a generational leap in risk assessment and rating by creating tighter integration between risk model developers, risk management teams.


Risk modelling system Risk rating platform corporate lending

Complete model development

Fetch high quality rating data on a real time basis through data persistence layer to fine tune existing models in response to external and internal triggers. Create an impact analysis to determine potential changes to regulatory, economic capital, provisions etc. Enhance ongoing monitoring through smart analytics, data visualizations and real time alerts. Compare model performance with competitor benchmark models.

Proactive model efficacy evaluation and enhancement

Ensure oversight of risk modelling system performance through real time analysis and reporting. Enable audit trail and version control capabilities to tightly control and validate changes. Prepare risk scoring models across corporate lending business, management, industry, financials and overall company score. Revise and validate sourcing and calculation algorithms through intuitive graphical interface.


Quick model execution

Enable automatic triggering of ratings based on custom criteria like external rating downgrade, financial spreads and previous year's rating. Identify the relevant risk modelling system to be deployed through pre defined business logic. Reduce manual inputs and errors through pre-populated ratings by easily fetching data from historical ratings or third party data sources.

Intuitive data processing flows

Visual designers make it easy to configure, maintain and fine-tune models to meet the needs of underwriters and other users. Easily configure data pre-processing steps like treatment of missing input values, capping extreme values etc. Rapidly calculate data to generate model input values like financial ratios, logs etc. Override risk based on positive upgrade rating and negative downgrade rating.

Peer comparisons

Create credit assessment and risk scoring models across business landscape for holistic peer comparisons. Track how your target account is performing against peer benchmarks. Manage your risk appetite intelligently for corporate lending across industries and peer groups.

visual designer credit assessment risk rating model


Automated reporting and approvals

Inbuilt visual designers enable quick processes that automate manual review of steps. Capture detailed audit trail and incorporate impact of factors not captured by risk modelling system. Adjust model output according to control and audit trial requirements. Automatically trigger a review and appraisal workflow based on custom business rules. Utilize predefined templates for regulatory and management reporting.

Build an Early Warning System (EWS) powered by AI

Configure multiple forms of indicator that warns you of emerging risks by smart analyzers risk identified internally and externally through news widgets. Easily configure complex mathematical computations for scenario simulations. Execute stress tests against historical datasets. Get warning signals early on. Automatically execute model calculation logic for bulk rating execution against sub-portfolios based on specific criteria.

Quality Review Framework

Build quality frameworks that ensures current rating accuracy by verifying data against specific ranges through powerful business rules, logic and highlight input values that are outliers.