Gone are the days where borrowers were willing to deal with time consuming paperwork for retail lending processes and long waiting times. They expect offers, options, documentation, approvals etc. in minutes.

Automate your retail lending processes from end to end. Be flexible and responsive through pre-screening, application processing, robotic underwriting to instant disbursal, across a wide spectrum of loan products.

  • Personal Loan
  • Car Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Loans for professionals
  • Loan against securities
  • Home Loan
  • Two Wheeler Loans
  • Gold Loan
  • Loan against property
  • Educational Loan
  • Loan against Assets
  • Consumer Durable Loan


retail lending

Quickly generate loan applications with digital LOS

Effective implementation of digital LOS to initiate digital lending journeys across multiple channels including but not limited to website, branch,SMS, campaigns, self service portal, referrals etc. Intuitive interfaces enables faster data entry and smart document management easily captures documents. Seamless integration with credit rating bodies instantly checks eligibility, pre-approved offers and submit applications.

Offer wide range of personalized credit products on Digital LOS

Pamper customers with choice through personalized offer engines backed up by robotic underwriting. Match customer needs with available offers through guided journeys. Manage and edit applications in real time. Use OCR enabled document management capabilities to automate manual intensive processes.

retail lending1 retail lending2

Digital Document Management with E-KYC

Collect, maintain and collate documents on the basis of deferred/waived off/received/pending and generate loan offers with pre-defined templates. Minimize manual data entry with smart OCR capabilities.

Enjoy shorter sales cycle with higher conversions

Empower your sales team with powerful advisory tool on a loan origination system. Close loan contracts faster with zero rework through automated processes. Help them break the constraints of rapidly changing environment and seize every opportunity with a robust risk rating platform.

Deploy AI empowered assistance

Speed up lending with digital LOS and reduce transaction cost with AI driven insights into borrower data. Faster approvals are driven by analyzing borrower data patterns from multiple sources, professional and industry profile, credit scores etc for automated credit assessment.


risk modelling system risk rating platform digital LOS

Manage and control deviations with intelligent risk modelling system

Get real time updates and alerts. Be notified of any deviations through smart deviation management. Reduce risks through intelligent decisioning. Keep track of assets and liabilities with minimum red tape.

Reduce costs per transaction with support of real-time AI

Substantially reduce transactional and operational costs in loan origination system through automation. Seamlessly integrate end to end digital lending journeys to speed up fulfillment and robotic underwriting. Interconnect and connect routine manual processes with robotic underwriting journeys through visual designers. Minimize data entry through integrations with multiple internal and third party systems that enable auto- population. Make processes faster with straight through processing.

Proactive and change ready processes

Trigger auto disbursement instructions. Manage loan types and interest rate information. Automatically calculate and intimate smart loan EMI details with digital LOS. Manage EMI payment transactions and get real time alerts and notifications in case of deviations.

risk modelling system

Implement E-KYC process for verification and Digitize and documentation

Generate amortization schedule with partial/full disbursal schemes and delivery orders. Instantly verify documents and repayment instruments.

Simplify regulatory compliance

Ensure that all credit assessment processes are regulatory compliant from end to end, through latest templates and integrations with related regulatory bodies and be FATCA, e-KYC compliant. Keep your messaging consistent, accurate and proactive with customized communication templates with tracking for customer and internal teams. Make tracking effortless for auditory and regulatory compliance.

Risk & Credit Assessment

robotic underwriting risk modelling system2 risk rating platform2

robotic underwriting

Identify fraudulent cases through automated processes. Automatically underwrite applications based on predefined parameters and integration with multiple rating agencies. Manage exceptions based on rules through relevant workflow routing. Manually intervene in case of deviations, if necessary.

Automate decisions and approvals

Monitor system deviations in real time. Minimize cases for manual deviations. Set business rules to automatically approve conforming applications. Route applications automatically to relevant authority on predefined parameters like deviations, loan limits etc. Algorithmic analytics and activity tracking aid real time decision making. It helps you to be regulatory compliant for audits with improved process transparency and approval matrix.